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Airborne Biohazard Control

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Airborne Biohazard Control specialises in air quality problems such as mould, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, dampness, poor ventilation and sick building syndrome. 

Our Services:

• Provide mould sampling, analysis and reporting.  

• Resolving and preventing common indoor air quality problems.

• Incorporate the full spectrum of contaminants which may include mould, bacteria,            allergies and more. 

• Understand when, where and why mould and bacteria will grow. 

• Recognise the effects that mould and bacteria may have on health. 

• Assess indoor environments in a comprehensive manner. 

• Diagnose microbial problems and how they can be resolved.

Mould Remediation:

Mould remediation is creating a plan to successfully identify, remove and prevent mould from growing back.  Airborne Biohazard Control will inspect the property and then provide a detailed inspection report which contains recommendations and strategies to address the microbial problem.

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