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If you are a home buyer you are well aware that there are already a number of headaches involved with buying a home - there are the high prices and property comparisons to consider, the pest and building inspection, dealing with real estates and obtaining finance .. But as of now, there is another thing for buyers and sellers to think about.   A growing number of prudent buyers and landlords are including sampling and screening to check for any trace of Methamphetamine or Mould contamination.  Methamphetamine contamination doesn't smell and is difficult to see, but can stick to surfaces and cause terrible health effects to the resident for extended periods afterwards.

And while the testing comes with a cost, it's certainly worth thinking about as it could end up costing a lot more down the line. Is it worth the risk of not carrying out a contamination test?

For more information on pre-purchase pre-tenancy or rental property contamination testing of a property please contact us. A failure to disclose methamphetamine contamination may result in an agent being liable for misleading or deceptive conduct.